Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Leg Injury

Hey guys! So today I'm going to try to do a short post about my leg injury. So about three or four weeks ago I was at track practice and we were running an 800. (I'm sorry if you don't know track language,basically one lap around is a 400,and you can kinda figure it out from there) Anyway,I noticed some pain in my leg. Like almost on the side of my knee cap. So I thought I would just run it off. So I ran two more 800s and a 500 and by then it was really hurting. I even tried just walking,but that didn't help. So I finished up the 500 and then told my coaches. They look at my leg and noticed that this bone almost looked like it was popping out. So they told me they didn't want me to run for the rest of practice.

So the next day I went to the hospital. I got a lot of X-rays done and the doctor was messing around with my leg. When he was doing so,I could actually feel him moving the bone in and out of place. So he told me that I have a really unique strain that can be really bad. And if I don't let it rest for about 3 months,it could be like this my whole life. He also said he's only seen this is two or three other people.

So,because of this,I'm not allowed to do gym for the rest of the year. But I'm also not allowed to finish out my track season. When I heard this news I was devastated. But wait! :D I talked to my coaches about it,and they were really disappointed,but they said they'll still think of me as part of the team just not running. So they told me they want me to come to sports banquet,county meet,and conference meet,and all that! (: Actually,conference was on Friday and girls came in 2nd and boys came in 4th. So yeah! :)

Sorry about the lack of posts,but I'll have more up soon!

:) Becca


  1. Hope your leg gets better soon! I hate any type of leg injury, I once fractured my foot and it had me in pain for nearly a year. I went to the doctor soooo many times and got soOooO many xrays, lol.

  2. I definitely sympathize with the frustration that leg injuries can bring. I once sprained my ankle from a nasty trip and while nothing was broken, I was ordered to stay off of it for about a week. It healed eventually, but my ankle hasn't looked the same since then. The fact that I couldn’t move around meant I couldn’t do a lot of things. But don’t let your injury stop you from reaching your potential! Do as the doctors say, and I’m sure you’ll be back on a track in no time!

    Sienna Christie

    1. I'm sorry about your ankle! D: But I'm happy to say, that my leg is pretty much back to normal and I look forward to start running again in the spring! :)