Thursday, September 27, 2012

How To: Use Colored Eyeliner

Hey everyone! :) Today's post is going to be about how to pull off colored eyeliner. I personally really like the look of a neutral eye but with a pop of color.

Here's some examples:

If you want a post of an actual tutorial using colored liner, I can do that, but this post is going to be simply my tips on using colored liner. :) My favorite look using colored eyeliner is lining the upper lash line with black or brown,but lining the waterline with a pretty blue or purple. It's gorgeous and not overwhelming.
I really like the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil in Deviant. Urban Decay has amazing colored liner,but they can be a tad expensive. But they literally have every single color,if you don't mind splurging. They're seriously amazing. They have colors for every eye color!
If you have blue eyes,rosy shades look really pretty. Some people say that if blue eyeliner takes away the blue from blue eyes,but I personally don't think that's true. If you want to wear blue eyeliner,go for it! Just see what works for you.
If you have hazel eyes,greens and golds look super gorgeous.
If you have green eyes,blue looks really nice. Green on green doesn't look bad,but just be careful. You don't want to wash out your natural eye color.
And if you have brown eyes,turquoise and rusty copper colors look super pretty.
And I personally think that purple and navy go with every eye color!

I hope these tips helped you in using your colored eyeliner! :)

:) Becca

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