Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Furry Friend-TAG

Hey everyone! :) So I actually was planning to do this post on Sunday because that was actually my dog's birthday,but I ran out of time! So I'm just doing it today. ;)
So today I'm going to be doing the Furry Friend Tag,which is a tag all about your pet! So the above picture is a picture of my dog,Sugar! :) Let's go ahead and get started!

1.What is your pet's name?
My pet's name is Sugar. :) I know that's not very original,but it fits her,haha.

2.What kind of pet is it and what breed?
She's obviously a dog,and she's a Maltipoo. Which is a mix between a maltese and poodle. :)

3.How long have you had your pet?
I've had her since September 2008. :)

4.How did you get your pet?
She was adopted from my local shelter.

5.How old is your pet?
Well,she just had a birthday,so she's either 5 or 6. She's adopted,so obviously I don't know her exact age.

6.What are some quirky things about your pets personality?
Basically,either she's super lazy or super hyper,haha. She does this thing where she pretty much runs around the whole downstairs of my house about 3-5 times. I call it her exercise mode. ;)

7.What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?
It means a lot. There's totally times where Sugar is like my best friend.

8.What are some of your favorite past times with your pet?
Well,whenever I go on vacation,I usually let her stay with my uncle. And I love when I come back to pick her up and she's sooo excited. :)

9.What are nicknames that you call your pet?
I really only call her the usual "pretty girl" or "sweet girl",haha.

So I'm not going to tag anyone,but if you have a pet,feel free to do this post! :)

Also,this is my 100th post. I just wanna thank all 59 of my followers for reading,viewing,or commenting on my blog. :) It really means a lot to me!

:) Becca


  1. Omg, my dog's birthday is this Sunday! I'm doing this post soon, but idk what pet to do! 2 dogs, 1 bunny! :)