Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Cover Up Acne :)

So today I'm going to be doing a post that is going to show you how to cover up blemishes. :) I've actually have no active breakouts right now,and my skin has been clear for about a month.  So let's get started! :)

So the first thing I do is take That Gal face primer by Benefit. I got this for Christmas,and I LOVE it! :) It's supposed to be brightening,so it does has a pink tint to it. Put this all over your face. I just dab it on with my fingers. That's what works for me. :) This product also has a slight smell,which I think smells amazing. All in all,this is a really good product. I haven't really seen any brightening,but it does make my foundation stay on for a long time.

The next thing I'm going to do is take my Clinique Even Better Foundation. I put this on the back of my hand to warm it up,but that's optional. What I really like about this foundation is that I can also use it as a concealer. It's not labeled as one,but I find it covers up my under eye circles really well.   This is defiantly a full coverage foundation to me.

Then I take the Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Top Multipurpose brush. (You can just use a regular foundation brush,but I prefer this) Use this to apply the foundation on your face.  Blend it in really well. Sometimes I find the foundation can be a little cakey,but it really does cover up blemishes. 

Then just dot the foundation around the blemish(I don't put it on the actual blemish because I find that makes it cakey) and blend it in with a concealer brush. (I use a Coastal Scents one) 

This doesn't make your blemishes look completely invisible,but it does help a lot. :) 

Then I just take a setting powder. This is Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder. Apply this all over your face. The brush I use is a kabuki from Coastal Scents. It's not that soft,but it does work really well. I hit pan on this product a long time ago,and I've been using it almost everyday. It has hardly any coverage,but if makes your face really matte. (If you don't have a kabuki brush,you can just use a big powder brush) Lightly dust this all over your face. I find that this makes my foundation stay on all day.(I'm in track,and even when I run,my makeup doesn't sweat off when I wear this) 

Now we're done! :) I like this routine,and I find that it helps a lot. Hope this helped! :) 

:) Becca 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's in my bag??? :)

Hey! :) So today I'm going to do a what's in my bag post! Let's get started! :)

So this is my bag. :) It's my Vera Bradley,so of course it's kinda like a quilted pattern. It's pretty new,I got it about a month ago. The inside pocket is really deep,which I love. So here's what's inside! :)

-Peppermint Mini Handgel from B&BW
-Fake Coach Wallet
-Into the Wild Perfume from B&BW
-Nail File
-Pink Sugarplum Mini Lotion from B&BW
-Hair Ties
-Ipod Nano(that doesn't work :( )
-Phone(Pantech Link 7040)
-Loose Powder from Maybelline
-Vera Bradley Change Purse
-Makeup Bag that has:Baby Lips by Maybelline in Pink Punch,Raspberry Lip Cream,Mini Hairbrush,Mini Perfume,MAC Lipstick in Angel,MAC Lipglass in Pink Poodle,Lotion Sample,and Avon Moisture Therapy Lipgloss :)

So that's everything I have in my purse! :)

:) Becca

Friday, February 24, 2012

How I Do My Hair + Hairstyles! :)

Hi! :) So this is going to be a post all about my hair! I'll have some hairstyles at the end.

So my hair is pretty much all the same length and I've never dyed it. I do have natural highlights,though. My hair isn't that dark,it's kinda like a caramel color. So you could say it's either a really,really dark blonde,or a really,really light brown. My highlights are just kinda a golden color. I don't have bangs,but the front sides of my hair are a little bit shorter than the rest of my hair,kinda like face framers. I've let my hair grow out for a while,so it's about mid-back. I also have two feathers in my hair. One orange and one blue,and they're very thin. My hair is naturally wavy. :)

As of products,I really don't use anything fancy.  Even my shampoo and conditioner aren't high end. Together they cost about $15. They're by Suave and I have the huge bottles. I really recommend them.

Moving on to tools. My straightener is by Remington,and so is my curling wand.  The curling wand is pink! :) I don't really put a whole lot of heat on my hair,except for straighten it. I only curl it maybe once every two weeks.

Time for hairstyles! :)

The first hairstyle is a side braid :)

1. Part your hair off-center. Take a section of hair from whichever side has more hair. Split this section into three.
2.French braid this section.
3.Add a piece of hair from the top,instead of the bottom. Continue adding pieces from the top.
4.Do this until you have added about 6 sections,then stop. Braid normally and tie off with an elastic. :)

The next hairstyle is a messy ponytail.

1.Tease your hair if you don't already have added volume.
2.Lightly pull your hair up into a high ponytail.
3.Secure very messily with an elastic.
4.Tease your ends if necessary.

The next hairstyle is a messy bun.
1.Put your hair in a high ponytail.
2.Pull down some wisps of hair to add to the messiness.
3.Tease the ponytail.
4.Wrap the ponytail around itself staring from one way and then once you've wrapped about half of your hair,wrap the other half the other way.
5.Secure with bobby pins.

The last hairstyle is a half up half down. :)

1.Curl your hair. If you have natural wavy or curly hair,you can skip this part.
2.Tease your crown.
3.Pull back the front part of your hair.
4.Secure with an elastic.

Hope this helped! :)

:) Becca

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes :)

Hey! :) So today I'm going to tell you how I clean my makeup brushes. And this isn't just everyday spot clean,this is what I do maybe once a week when my brushes are really dirty.

First I lay out two towels(or wash cloths,paper towels,etc.) One for wiping my brushes on and one for letting my brushes dry on.

Then I take my facial soap. I use Clinique Liquid Facial Soap in Mild. I pump some of this into the palm of my hand.

Then I take a brush a dip it into the soap. I turn on the sink(cold water) and begin massaging the brush through the water.

Make sure all of the soap is out of your brush,then set it out to dry.

Do this with all of your brushes.

It's pretty simple,but a bit more time consuming than spot cleaning.

That's how I deep clean my makeup brushes! :)

:) Becca

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Natural Makeup Tutorial :)

Hi! :) So I know I just did an everyday school look,but I just wanted to do another natural,simple makeup tutorial.  Let's get started! :)

The first thing you want to do is conceal under eye circles. I apply concealer by dotting it under my eye and patting it in with my finger.

Now take some pressed powder and cover up and red areas.

Line the top of your lids with black liquid liner.

Curl your lashes.

Apply mascara and evenly coat it on your lashes. This mascara is waterproof and it holds curl longer.

Apply blush for a natural glow. This is Covergirl's Classic Pink,my all time favorite blush. Smile to find your apples.

Apply a lipstick color that goes best with your skin tone. 

Apply lipgloss for shine.

Now we're finished! :)

:) Becca

Monday, February 20, 2012

Everyday School Look :)

Hey! :) So today I'm going to show you a look that's great for wearing to school. This look is pretty fast and great for beginners. It's pretty casual,so not very colorful. Let's get started!

The first thing you want to do it just start with a good base. The is the MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. Place this all over your eye.

Now take MAC Era Eyeshadow(or any light golden color) and place this in your inner half.

Now take MAC Patina(or any taupe color) and apply this to the outer half of your eye.

Mix the two colors together and go over the middle of your lid. 

Blend if there's harsh lines. 

Now take Mac Sable(or any darker gold) and put a little in your outer corner. 

Use any highlight color. 

Place a little bit of black pencil liner on your waterline.

Apply Maybelline One by One Mascara

There's your everyday eye look! :)

:) Becca

Makeup Tutorial :)

Disclaimer-I use mainly MAC products in this tutorial. If you don't have these,check your drugstore for dupes :)

First use the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I personally like this packaging better because it's more sanitary and you get 10% more product. This primer is perfect because it matches my skin tone and my eyeshadows don't crease.

Now take MAC Jest Eyeshadow(or any peach color) and apply that to your lid.

Now take MAC Winkle Eyeshadow(or any cornflower blue) and work this into your outer corner and blend it into your crease. 

Now take MAC Electric Eel(or any bright blue) and apply this very lightly to the outer third of your lower lash line. 

Now take MAC Ricepaper(or any light gold) and use this as a highlight. 

Blend everything lightly together. 

Apply MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in Signature Blue to your upper lash line.

Curl your lashes. 

Apply Maybelline One by One mascara. I love this mascara,it really curls my lashes and doesn't clump. I love the finish it gives me. 

Now apply MAC Well Dressed Blush. Smile to find your apples.

Now apply MAC Please Me Lipstick. It's a really pretty rosy matte color. 

Finish off with MAC The Wee Coquette Lipglass. 

Look out for some reviews soon! :)

:) Becca

Book Review: The Maze Runner

Book Description-(From When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his first name. His memory is blank. But he’s not alone. When the lift’s doors open, Thomas finds himself surrounded by kids who welcome him to the Glade—a large, open expanse surrounded by stone walls.

Just like Thomas, the Gladers don’t know why or how they got to the Glade. All they know is that every morning the stone doors to the maze that surrounds them have opened. Every night they’ve closed tight. And every 30 days a new boy has been delivered in the lift.

Thomas was expected. But the next day, a girl is sent up—the first girl to ever arrive in the Glade. And more surprising yet is the message she delivers. 

Thomas might be more important than he could ever guess. If only he could unlock the dark secrets buried within his mind.

I first heard about this book when Allison(Amarixe) did a book review on it. Later,Elle(AllThatGlitters21) made a review on it. 
This book kept me guessing even after the end. I honestly couldn't put it down. The writing is amazing. I really felt like I was in the book with the characters. I wasn't disappointed with any of the characters,even Gally. The main characters of this book are obviously Thomas and Teresa,but the author did a really good job of making characters like Chuck and Minho seem important,too. 

This book has 62 chapters. The last three chapters I really didn't even understand. In the late 50 chapters was when the book was at its best,in my opinion. And then all of a sudden everything changed at the very end. 
This book is YA,but I think ages above that will enjoy it. 
I loved this book in every single way. The plot was amazing,the characters were amazing,even the situation was remarkable. Honestly,even the sequel can't compare to this. 
What a story. I really want to check out more of James Dashner's books now. Highly,highly recommend!

:) Becca 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Favorite Drugstore Foundations

Hi! :) Lately I've been finding myself reaching for foundations that don't give me a ton of coverage. Just something enough to even out my skin tone and make my face look matte. Now I have dry to combination skin,so these might not be for everyone,but I've gotten a lot of use out of them. Lately I've just not been taking the time to build and blend,and with these you don't have to! I love these powder foundations because they're so easy to apply and they give me a beautiful finish. Actually,one of them is just a setting powder,but for the past couple of days I've been using it as a foundation. Here's my reviews! Enjoy! :)

The first product is the Maybelline Mineral Power Finishing Veil Powder. This product is amazing,the best drugstore powder foundation I've ever bought. It's around $8.00 and totally worth it! Sometimes my skin is sensitive to new products,but this hasn't broken me out. I'm in the lightest shade,and it matches me perfectly. This powder stays on my face really well,even without primer. I don't have very oily skin,but I do tend to have a shiny nose,and this product clears that right up. I personally love the sponge it comes with. Usually I would use a kabuki,but I really like this sponge. Give it a go! :)

The next product is the CoverGirl Clean Pressed Powder. I will admit that when I first got this I hated it. I started working with it,and developed a love-hate relationship. I wouldn't say I absolutely love it now,but I do like it better than before. It's not my favorite powder,but I do love how light it is on my skin. This powder really eliminates shine. It blends fairly well. The mirror detaches from the compact a lot,which I don't mind,but I thought I'd just throw out. I used this product today,and I still think it's a so-so. I do really like it,though. I have this is Ivory,and personally I mainly use it as a setting powder. To be honest,I had to hit pan before I got an coverage out of it at all. Since it is so light,you may have to touch up a couple times a day. I think it's put to better use if you use it as a setting powder,in my opinion. It says that it's fragerance free,but I can smell a nice,clean scent. All in all,I recommend this product mainly as a setting powder. :)

Have you tried these powder foundations? What do you think of them? What are your favorite drugstore foundations?

:) Becca

Welcome to my new blog! :)

I am so excited to be blogging!  I will be posting reviews of favorite books (I promise no spoilers!) and reviews of excellent make-up products, clothing, etc.  Coming soon!

:) Becca