Friday, February 24, 2012

How I Do My Hair + Hairstyles! :)

Hi! :) So this is going to be a post all about my hair! I'll have some hairstyles at the end.

So my hair is pretty much all the same length and I've never dyed it. I do have natural highlights,though. My hair isn't that dark,it's kinda like a caramel color. So you could say it's either a really,really dark blonde,or a really,really light brown. My highlights are just kinda a golden color. I don't have bangs,but the front sides of my hair are a little bit shorter than the rest of my hair,kinda like face framers. I've let my hair grow out for a while,so it's about mid-back. I also have two feathers in my hair. One orange and one blue,and they're very thin. My hair is naturally wavy. :)

As of products,I really don't use anything fancy.  Even my shampoo and conditioner aren't high end. Together they cost about $15. They're by Suave and I have the huge bottles. I really recommend them.

Moving on to tools. My straightener is by Remington,and so is my curling wand.  The curling wand is pink! :) I don't really put a whole lot of heat on my hair,except for straighten it. I only curl it maybe once every two weeks.

Time for hairstyles! :)

The first hairstyle is a side braid :)

1. Part your hair off-center. Take a section of hair from whichever side has more hair. Split this section into three.
2.French braid this section.
3.Add a piece of hair from the top,instead of the bottom. Continue adding pieces from the top.
4.Do this until you have added about 6 sections,then stop. Braid normally and tie off with an elastic. :)

The next hairstyle is a messy ponytail.

1.Tease your hair if you don't already have added volume.
2.Lightly pull your hair up into a high ponytail.
3.Secure very messily with an elastic.
4.Tease your ends if necessary.

The next hairstyle is a messy bun.
1.Put your hair in a high ponytail.
2.Pull down some wisps of hair to add to the messiness.
3.Tease the ponytail.
4.Wrap the ponytail around itself staring from one way and then once you've wrapped about half of your hair,wrap the other half the other way.
5.Secure with bobby pins.

The last hairstyle is a half up half down. :)

1.Curl your hair. If you have natural wavy or curly hair,you can skip this part.
2.Tease your crown.
3.Pull back the front part of your hair.
4.Secure with an elastic.

Hope this helped! :)

:) Becca

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