Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Cover Up Acne :)

So today I'm going to be doing a post that is going to show you how to cover up blemishes. :) I've actually have no active breakouts right now,and my skin has been clear for about a month.  So let's get started! :)

So the first thing I do is take That Gal face primer by Benefit. I got this for Christmas,and I LOVE it! :) It's supposed to be brightening,so it does has a pink tint to it. Put this all over your face. I just dab it on with my fingers. That's what works for me. :) This product also has a slight smell,which I think smells amazing. All in all,this is a really good product. I haven't really seen any brightening,but it does make my foundation stay on for a long time.

The next thing I'm going to do is take my Clinique Even Better Foundation. I put this on the back of my hand to warm it up,but that's optional. What I really like about this foundation is that I can also use it as a concealer. It's not labeled as one,but I find it covers up my under eye circles really well.   This is defiantly a full coverage foundation to me.

Then I take the Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Top Multipurpose brush. (You can just use a regular foundation brush,but I prefer this) Use this to apply the foundation on your face.  Blend it in really well. Sometimes I find the foundation can be a little cakey,but it really does cover up blemishes. 

Then just dot the foundation around the blemish(I don't put it on the actual blemish because I find that makes it cakey) and blend it in with a concealer brush. (I use a Coastal Scents one) 

This doesn't make your blemishes look completely invisible,but it does help a lot. :) 

Then I just take a setting powder. This is Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder. Apply this all over your face. The brush I use is a kabuki from Coastal Scents. It's not that soft,but it does work really well. I hit pan on this product a long time ago,and I've been using it almost everyday. It has hardly any coverage,but if makes your face really matte. (If you don't have a kabuki brush,you can just use a big powder brush) Lightly dust this all over your face. I find that this makes my foundation stay on all day.(I'm in track,and even when I run,my makeup doesn't sweat off when I wear this) 

Now we're done! :) I like this routine,and I find that it helps a lot. Hope this helped! :) 

:) Becca 

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