Monday, March 5, 2012

Pretty Little Liars:Who is A? (Tag!!)

Hey! :) So Pretty Little Liars is my second favorite show ever! And we all know the big question:WHO IS A?! So just two more episodes and A's identity will be announced! I can't be more excited! :)

So what this post is about is I'm going to go through all the characters and tell you who I think A could be. :)
Disclaimer-This is 100% my opinion. I don't know anything for a fact.  I've only read the first two books because I want to find out who A is in the show before I find out in the books. But I know for a fact that the A in the books is NOT the same A in the TV show! :)

Also I just wanted to point out that the show has announced that A is someone who has been in the show since Season 1,so it's not going to be some random new person. :)

Now,even before I really started watching and getting into the show,I've ALWAYS thought A was Allison.  I know,I know,if A happens to be Allison,that'll be really obvious and predictable,so I'm kinda doubting that it's her.

Okay,so moving on to characters! :)

Spencer,Aria,Hanna,and Emily-I honestly think there's no possible way it could be any of the four girls.

The Parents-It could be. I really couldn't see any of them being A,except maybe Spencer's dad. Maybe Aria's dad?

Jenna-This is who they want you to believe is A,in my opinion. Waaayyy too obvious.

Jason-Okay,so since he's Ali's brother and all,I could see him being Ali's killer. But I honestly couldn't see him being A.

Garret-This would be the obvious choice for A,which is why I don't think it's him.

Melissa- She's starting to seem a little obvious,too.

Ian- Is he really dead? Hmm.....

Toby-Everybody thought he was Ali's killer. I think there's a chance that he could be A,but that's just a maybe. I really hope he isn't ,though.

Mia-I don't think it's her at all. I really don't even think she's a very important character. I do think she might be getting texts from A,though.

Mona-Mona could totally be A. It's just that I personally think that out of the four girls,A has bullied Hanna the most. And Mona is Hanna's friend. I think Mona is despicable,but I don't think she would do that to practically her only friend.

Caleb-I really don't see how it could possibly be Caleb. At least,I really hope he isn't. Caleb might be my favorite character in the show.

Ezra-So apparently a lot of people this Ezra is A. Ezra defiantly isn't the obvious choice. I honestly don't think Ezra would do half the things A has done.

Wren-He could very well be A. If he is A,I think that will be really disappointing for most people,including me.

Lucas-A couple episodes back I was really starting to think Lucas was A,now I'm not so sure. He hasn't even been in the last few episodes.

Noel-I think Noel might have something to do with Ali's murder,but probably not with A.

Mike-This would be,like,the biggest surprise ever.

Holden-I think it's kinda odd that they all of a sudden just added a new character. I know they probably did it so Aria could have an alibi,but it makes me think that Holden has something to do with A.

So that's it! :) Oh,and also,I don't really think A is a group of people. And I know there's more characters(Meredith,Jackie,Kate,Sean,Derren,Alex,Ben,Paige,Samara,Anne,and Logan) and I'm suspicious of pretty much all of them,but that's really all I have to say about them.

Who do you think A is? :) I will defiantly do a post about my reaction when A is announced!

:) Becca


  1. OMG! I love this tag. I might just do it!
    I love pretty little liars. Me and my mom both cant wait til A is revealed!

    1. This tag was really fun! :) I love the show,too!