Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tropical Eye Look :)

Hey! So today I'm going to do a tropical look. This is using MAC products,but I'm sure there's many dupes for this makeup. Let's get started! :)

Okay,so the first thing I'm gonna do is apply the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Next I'm going to take MAC Swimming Eyeshadow. This is a gorgeous lime green color and it's super glittery. I find that you really don't need to blend this color. It's super pretty.

Next take MAC Rule Eyeshadow. It's a bright orange.  Put this in the middle of your lid.

Now take MAC Aquadisiac Eyeshadow. Put this in your outer third.

Now take MAC Electric Eel. It's a bright blue. Apply this lightly to your crease.

Now take MAC Freshwater. It's a much brighter blue. Apply this lightly to your outer V.

Now take Ricepaper as a highlight. It's a frost and it has a slight gold shimmer.

Blend if necessary.

Now go back in with Electric Eel. Line your lower lash line.

Now take MAC Opulash Mascara. Curl your lashes if necessary.

For blush,use MAC Well Dressed.

Apply a highlight if you want more of a glow.

Now take MAC Pink Plaid Lipstick.

Now take MAC Pink Poodle Lipglass. I LOVE this lipglass.

Okay! :) So now you're done!

:) Becca

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