Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Clothing Haul from the Mall! :)

Hey everyone! :) Two days ago I went to the mall and I got a lot of spring clothes and shoes. Oh,and today I also got one makeup item,so I'll include that. I didn't splurge that much,but I'm honestly not trying not brag about anything.

The first thing I got I actually got about a month ago,but I thought I would still include them. These are Gold Glitter Toms,and I got them from a local store. They're so cute! :) If you're wondering,I got a size 6.5,which are only a tad big,so I have some growing room. (; I also got two pairs of these socks where they cover your heel,toes,and bottoms of your feet,but they leave the top showing. They're great to wear with Toms.

I also got two pairs of flip flops by the brand MixIt. One pair is light brown with glitter straps,and the other is dark brown with glitter straps. They're super cute.

I also got these New Balance Plush Foam Footbeds. Basically,they're just memory foam flip flops,and I think they're really cute. It's a really pretty blue color.

I also got these shorts. I like that the writing on it is white and pink,so I have a lot of tops that will go with them. I also like how long they are because my school has a kinda strict dress code.

Then from Rue21,I got a black tank top and a grey tank top. I think they're really cute.

Then I got this Caterpillar V Neck Top in Medium Pink. It has a lot of chinch detail on the shoulders. It's SO cute! :)

I also got this top,which is just green and grey striped. It's boxy,and I wear it off the shoulder.

I also got this top! It's really,really cute,and I'm wearing it right now! :D I love it! So that's it for the shirts.

Then I got this shorts and tanks set from Walmart. I got them mainly for track,but they'll also be great for summer.

The last piece of clothing I got is this bikini. I actually got two of these because I didn't know what size to get,but I'll be returning the one that doesn't fit.

The last thing I got is the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold. It's a really nice gold color. You can use it as a base or just as an eyeshadow. I think it's really pretty.

So that was my haul! :) I'm really,really happy with everything that I got. Hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions about any of these items,feel free to leave them below. :)

:) Becca

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