Tuesday, March 6, 2012

24 Questions Tag :)

Hey everyone! :) So today I'm doing a 24 Questions Tag post! :) Some of this questions are kinda random,but I just though it would be a fun post to do. Let's get started! :)

1.How did you come up with your blog name?
Actually,my mom came up with it. But I really like it because it really describes what I wanted my blog to be like.

2.What is your favorite subject in school?
Language Arts. I'm pretty good at English,and I enjoy writing.

3.What's your favorite drink?
Either water or grape powerade.

4.What is your favorite song at the moment?
Rumor Has It by Adele. It's not an old song,but it came out a while ago,but I still have it on repeat. I love that song! :)

5.What would you name your kids?
I really like the name Victoria,and they could go by Tori.

6.Do you participate in any sports?
I dance and run track.

7.Favorite book?
Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins. Also I really like The House of Night and Hunger Games series.

8.Favorite color?
Pink! :) I really like about every color,though.

9.Favorite animal?
Cheetahs! :) All the way!

10. Favorite perfume?
I don't know if this really counts as a perfume,but Moonlight Path by B&BW. It's totally my favorite.

11. Favorite holiday?

12. Do you like school?
I do enjoy school. I mean,I'm not crazy about the whole school part of school. I love seeing my friends and learning new things is cool.

13. Have you ever been out of the country?

14.Do you speak any other languages?
I can speak a little French,but not fluently.  And of course I think everyone knows a little Spanish.(Those years of watching Dora can really pay off. ;) )

15.How many pets do you have?
I have one pet. A dog named Sugar. :)

16.What is your favorite store?
Probably Forever21.

17. Favorite restaurant?
Panera Bread!

18.What do you want to major in?
Right now I'm thinking something maybe in Fashion Merchandise,but I really don't know.

19. Favorite beauty guru?
Juicystar07. I really like BeyondBeautyStar,too.

20.Favorite movie?
The Blind Side! :) All the way!

21.Favorite TV show?
Modern Family! :) I also love Pretty Little Liars.

22.PC or Mac?

23.What kind of phone do you have?
I have a Pantech Link 7040.

24. Are you tall?
Haha,not really. I'm not short,I'm just..tiny.

So that was the tag! :) I tag anyone who wants to be tagged! If you do this tag,post a link to it in the comments below! :) Or you can just answer the questions in the comments.

:) Becca


  1. Ha I love this! TAGS are really great way of letting ppl get to know you better! I hope you don't mind but I'm stealing this.
    check out my blog!


    1. Yup,I love TAGS! (: I'll check out your blog!