Saturday, April 14, 2012

Book Review: The Hunger Games

Hey everyone! :) So today I thought I would do a book review,since I haven't done one since I first made my blog. And as you can see by the title,it's on The Hunger Games! :) I first read this book about a year ago,but since it's getting a lot of hype lately,I thought I'd do a review on it.

So this book is by Suzanne Collins,as you can see in the picture above. Honestly,this might just be the best book I've ever read. I reread the series a couple weeks ago because of the movie,but like I said,I first read this book about a year ago. And obviously,this book is really popular,so I think most of you have read it,but just in case you haven't,I'm not going to have any spoilers in this post.

So if you don't know what this book is about,I'll give a brief description. So basically,there's only 12 districts left of the United States. There's a new government,called The Capitol. They're super harsh. And everyone's lifestyle is really hard. Almost everyone is poor and starving. So every year The Capitol has an event called The Hunger Games,which is a fight to the death. The reason they have this event is because several years ago there was an uprising,and The Capitol wants to remind everyone that they're still in charge. So there's 24 tributes. They draw two names from each district. There's always one boy and one girl. And it's pretty much at random,but some names are in there much more times than others. So the main character (Katniss Everdeen) is chosen to fight to the death in The Hunger Games. So in The Hunger Games,all the tributes are in this arena. The arena in this book is basically just wilderness. But there's weapons and backpacks filled with things. Also,all of the districts watch it live on TV. So for some people,it's like a holiday,but for most it's just torture. But no matter what,it's a really big deal.

I absolutely could not put this book down. I'm so completely obsessed with it. I highly,highly,highly recommend it! Obviously,I've read the next two books,so if you want me to do a review on them,I can! :) I read the second book in 3 days and the third book in 4 days. I couldn't put them down!

This book is YA. I wouldn't recommend,like,10 year olds to read it because it is kinda violent. But I think even adults would love it. My mom is just now reading them. I also think boys and girls both love this book.

Also,if you have any book recommendations,please leave them in a comment below! Especially if they're kinda Hunger Game-ish themed.

Talk to you later! :)

:) Becca


  1. love this book! :) i couldn't put it down either. which one was your favorite?

    1. My favorite was probably the first one. :) What about you?

    2. same, the first one is so so so good! :)

    3. Totally! :) Did you see the movie?