Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend Review: Bath&BodyWorks Shimmer Be Enchanted Body Butter

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For today's Weekend Review, I'm going to be reviewing the Bath & Body Works Shimmer Be Enchanted Body Butter. Let's get started! :)

First off, this scent is amazing. It's described as a "fresh, sparkling blend of frosted florals sweetened with sugared pomegranate". This body butter is super moisturizing, and this little one is such a bargain at only $7! The full size is $15, which isn't too bad, considering you get 7 oz. I really love this scent, and I'm considering purchasing it in a perfume!

The only con is that the amount of shimmer is way too intense. It's okay for your body; to give it a nice glow, but it gets all over your hands, and everything you touch throughout the day will become glittery. If you're investing in a body butter just for the moisture, then I would highly recommend getting the non-shimmer version. (By the way, the glitter in it is gold, so yes, it is very noticeable.) But other than that, this is quite an amazing product! :) Overall, I would really recommend if you don't mind shimmer!

Would you guys prefer if these Weekend Review posts be only on one product? Or maybe two, or three? I feel like this post was quite short, but I can stick to one product per post if you prefer. Leave me your comments below! :) Also, next post will be a book review! Get excited!!

:) Becca

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