Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spread the Smile:Chin Up,You're Beautiful ;)

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Hi beauties! :) I hope everyone had a great weekend! I don't usually do inspirational or motivational posts,but they are by far my favorite to read. I'm thinking about starting this little series called "Spread the Smile",where I'll just do a bunch of inspirational posts. If you have any ideas or requests for posts in this series,feel free to ask in a comment! :)
Today's post is going to be all about insecurities. We've all got em. Lately,some of my friends have been complaining that they're "ugly",which is absolutely  not true. The thing about girls these days? They mainly focus and worry about their body. Girls everywhere battle through negativity,so if you have low self esteem,you're not alone. (:
Let's face it. Thin girls are everywhere. Fashion and television. And the truth is,this makes other girls feel "fat". But you have to love yourself no matter what! You're beautiful,so who cares what anyone has to say except yourself? :)
I personally believe models today are too skinny. I do know things like Anorexia and Bulimia are real diseases,but I think it's terrible that girls would actually think of starving themselves just to look skinny. And yes,it's true that some girls are just born naturally thin. (Like me). And we have out insecurities,too. Some people don't like it when they're called "fat",but I sure don't like it when someone asks if I'm anorexic. Everyone goes through some ups and downs when it comes to body image. My nickname is "Stick". But you have to learn to embrace who you are,and not just with your body. Don't live your life worrying about your body. Who's to say you aren't beautiful? (:
You're the most beautiful when you're yourself. You're not "imperfect",you're you! Try to think of your imperfections as what make you perfect. Being different is beautiful,embrace it!
I think that the true meaning of "beautiful",is to be happy and healthy. If you feel great about who you are,you're beautiful! Your body will be with you your entire life. There's nothing to do but accept it! (:
Real beauty isn't about body image. Your imperfections make you unique,not ugly! :)
Don't obsess over how you look. You will miss out on such fun times. Life is so short but so amazing,so don't waste any of it. :)
Society's saying that beauty is being 50 pounds,6 feet tall,and a size double zero. Don't listen to that. Girls of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. :)
"For beautiful eyes,look for the good in others;for beautiful lips,speak only words of kindness;and for poise,walk with the knowledge that you are never alone." -Audrey Hepburn

:) Becca

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