Monday, July 16, 2012

TAG:Would You Rather?

Hey guys! :) Today's post is going to be a tag! This is the Would You Rather: Beauty Edition! Let's get started! :)

1.Would you rather walk around all day with your skirt tucked in your underwear or be seen wearing a really see through dress?
Both are embarrassing,but I have to go with skirt tucked in your underwear because when you wear a see through dress you're making a choice to wear it and it's basically your fault,and that to me is more embarrassing.
2.Would you rather go to a party and not realize that you have lipstick on your teeth or that your fake lashes are coming unglued?
I would rather have my fake lashes come unglued. I personally think that's much less embarrassing.
3.Would you rather forget to put mascara on one eye or forget blush on one side of your face?
I have to go with the mascara because my lashes are pretty dark anyway,so it wouldn't be as noticeable.
4.Would you rather wear lipstick/lipliner combo or frosty blue eyeshadow?
I think there's nothing wrong with wearing frosty blue eyeshadow,so I'll go with that.
5.Would you rather wear foundation that is two shades too light or go overboard on bronzer?
I would pick the foundation,since I have a pretty light skin tone anyway. When I wear bronzer,I have to blend it a good bit anyway,so going overboard would look way muddy on me.
6.Would you rather drink an entire bottle of ketchup or run into the guy who broke your heart on a bad hair day when your skin is freaking out?
Well,I do not like ketchup,haha. So I could not drink an entire bottle. So that ones kinda a no brainer for me.
7.Would you rather be able to date any celeb you wanted or wake up with carpet-ready hair?
That ones tough,but it depends on if it's perfect hair everyday or just one day.
8.Would you rather your armpits smell musky or like delicious lasagna?
I would say lasagna because then it wouldn't be as easy to tell that it's coming from your armpits,haha.
9.Would you rather give up your makeup or cell phone for one year?
I love my cell phone,and even though I would never want to,I can live without makeup. So I'll go with makeup.
10.Would you rather run into a cute guy you like with food all up in your grill or no makeup at all?
Food in your teeth is just disgusting,so I'd pick no makeup at all.

So that's all the questions! :) Love you all! :)

:) Becca

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