Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Favorite Fall 2012 Nail Polish

Hey everyone! :) Today I decided to do a Favorite Fall Nail Polish post! Honestly,I never follow trends when it comes to my nails. I think it's perfectly fine to wear a bright pink in the fall time. Also,I'm not a person who has to match their nails to their outfit.
But,I do like wear darker colors in the fall,and I'm going to show you my favorite ones today! :)

The first one is Ruby Slipper by Avon. Honestly,I'm not a big fan of red nail polishes,but this is pretty gorgeous. It's a deep,glittery,almost crimson color. The picture above does not do it justice. Also,Avon nail polishes are my favorite. They're so easy to apply,and both hands always look perfect.

Next is Sinful Color's Let's Talk. This is a super pretty deep purple. Really,any dark purple will do for fall. There's so many out there,but I really love this one.

This next one is a green,and it's Mojito Madness by Essie. This did come out with Essie's Summer Collection,but I totally think you could pull this off in the fall.

Next is OPI's Into the Night. Once again,any deep blue will look great for fall. But I just think this one is really pretty. ;)

Next is Harvest Moon by China Glaze,which is a rusty gold color. Honestly,this picture doesn't do it justice and it's a lot prettier than this.

Next is Sally Hansen's Posh Plum. :) I get so many compliments on this!

Next is Avon's Sheer French Pink. This is just a wonderful staple color. :)

And last but not least,OPI's Just Spotted the Lizard. This color is so unexpected and gorgeous.

So those are my favorite nail polishes for fall! :) What are yours?

:) Becca

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