Monday, August 13, 2012

Spread the Smile:Annoying Friends/Copycat Friends

Hey guys! :) So today's Spread the Smile post is going to be all about annoying friends. More specifically,friends who copy you and have to do whatever you do. 
Personally,I HATE when people copy me. I honestly just despise it soooo much. And I feel like we all have that friend who compliments us on something and comes in the next day wearing it. And it's tough to deal with. And it's flat out annoying. 
There's always going to be people who share the same interests and style as you. And honestly,we've all been copycats on some point in our lives. I mean,I get a lot of my outfit ideas from online,and they aren't my original idea. But there's a difference between inspiration and copying. In a way,it can be a compliment. If your friend is copying your clothes,they obviously like your style. If they're copying something you say or do,they obviously think you're cool.  But sometimes it can get out of hand,and that isn't so flattering. 
One way to deal is switching things up with yourself. This is a good excuse to treat yourself to some new wardrobe pieces that no one has yet. 
Let's say it's something you say or something you do that your friend is copying instead of style. The easiest solution is to just keep your opinion to yourself when you're around this friend,so they don't have a chance of copying it . 
Another way is to just straight up talk to your friend. Don't sound mad,but sound firm. 
If nothing works,just accept that your friend admires you and thinks you're amazing. Why else would they be copying you in the first place? 

Hope this helps! :)

:) Becca 

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