Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Day of School Tips

It's that time again,back to school! I actually started school August 9th. For me,starting off the school year right is pretty important. In today's post I have some tips for your first day!

1.Don't overdo your first day outfit. Personally,for me,I like to wear something pretty casual for the first day. I'll dress up a bit more for the second day,but I don't like to go overboard on the first. :)

2.Don't be stressed! Make the most of your last day of summer and do something really fun. Start the year off happy!

3.Be Organized! Make sure you have everything you need the night before,not the morning of,so you'll be prepared. Also,I recommend having a planner. My school provides me with one,but there's great ones out there. It really helps you stay on top of things,which makes life easier!

4.Start a routine. Test everything out the night or day before. See if everything goes smoothly and if you have enough time. Obviously,I'm a girly-girl,so I have to devout an hour for makeup and hair everyday. I straighten my hair almost every single day,but I know some of you don't have enough time to do that,so just see what works best for you and your schedule. Personally,I have to wake up everyday at 5:45-6:00 to get the job done. And yes,I'm extremely tired right now,haha. But it's all just part of my rountine,and it works for me! ;)

5.Wake up earlier. I would recommend waking up about 15 minutes earlier than what you think. It's always better to have more than enough time,than to run out of time.

6.Eat breakfast! Honestly,this is so important. And honestly,I don't do it. My body just cannot eat at 7 in the morning. But I am pretty hungry by lunch,so it's very important! Plus it gives you energy for your day!

7.Go to bed early! I know it's super hard to fall asleep the night before your first day,but it's important to go to bed early!

I hope everyone is excited for school to start! :) Have a great first day!

:) Becca


  1. I am entirely the same. I wake up at six for school and i usually skip breakfast. All i do is gulp down some juice and im out the door :)x

    1. Same here! :) I wake up early,but I like it because I always have enough time. And I never eat. I don't have an appetite in the morning. ;)