Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beauty Bargains! :D

I don't know about you,but I LOVE a good bargain! Right now I just feel like makeup is so expensive. So that's why I thought I would tell you guys about these beauty bargains going on right now!

Forever21 Shimmering Daisy Ring,$2.80
This is so cheap! I honestly think I'm going to buy this. Awesome deal!

Benefit The Pretty Committee,$38($86 value)
Benefit is one of my favorite makeup brands. I use Stay Don't Stray almost everyday! It's great! I haven't tried any of the other products in this kit,but they all look amazing! You can get all these full size products for an amazing price!

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Polish,Originally $1.99 On Sale for 99 cents!
I personally really like drugstore nail polish. You can really save on this one! Tons of different colors,too.

Justice Jeweled Heart Sunglasses,$5.99
Now that Summer's here it's the time to protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. I personally think these are really cute,and the price couldn't get any better! And since they're black,they go with pretty much anything.

Victoria's Secret Bikini,Top:$30.50 Bottom:$13.50

Hope this helps! :)

:) Becca


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    1. Aww,thank you SO much! :) You're so sweet,love!