Friday, June 1, 2012

Benefit Tints?

Hey everyone! So I've been thinking and I think I would like to invest in a Benefit Tint. But I just have a few questions for you guys! :)

1.Which Benefit Tint do you think is the best?
2.Are they really multi-tasking? Most people just use them on their cheeks,I like something to use on my lips.
3.Are they easy to blend?

Thanks so much! (:

:) Becca


  1. Personally, I feel like Posietint is great for really fair skinned people. I have light-medium skin tone and it barely shows up on me. I love Benetint though. It adds a really healthy rosy tint to my cheeks and a little bit of a tint to my lips. (It doesn't show up amazingly on the lips, but it does add a little bit of colour). That being said, yes, they are multitasking. I haven't tried ChaChatint yet, but from looking at swatches online, it looks like the most pigmented out of the 3. Also, since it is a gorgeous tangerine colour, it's right on trend for Spring/Summer and would look great with a tan! They are pretty easy to blend. I hope I helped.
    xx, Kels

    1. Thank you SO much! :) This really helped!

  2. I think the original benetint is more multitasking than the others so I would say that one would be an awesome multifunctional product for you. The color is also pigmented and easy to blend. It looks natural and flatters most skintones! Hope I helped! I would love if ya checked out my blog. Yours is great!!

    1. Thanks so much! :) I'll check out your blog!