Friday, June 1, 2012

Travel Series!

Hey everyone! :) So my family and I are going to the beach in a couple of weeks! I'm so excited! We go about every year,but to me it's like a home away from home. So I'm really excited because I'm also going to be doing a little series of posts. I decided to do them now rather than later because once the time actually comes I'll be busy with packing and whatnot,so it's just easier for me to do them now. Anyway,depending on how busy I am,I'll have a post up everyday this week about traveling! (By the way,I think I've been doing pretty good with my posts! This will be my 4th one in the past two days!) So I'm going to try to do one everyday(along with other beauty posts! :) ) The posts won't necessarily be about traveling in general,but more along the lines of packing,what I'm bringing,things of that nature. If you have any ideas,please let me know!

I know that I'm going to the beach,but I hope this will be helpful for anywhere you may be going! I'm really excited to be doing this little series,and I hope you guys enjoy! So stayed tuned all week! First post should be up tomorrow! :D

:) Becca

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